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Does your LG  or Kenmore Elite refrigerator sound and act perfectly normal but is not freezing food or ice cream properly? Is the refrigerator cabinet cooling very little or not at all? This could be a problem with the factory installed Linear type compressors. We are currently working with LG USA to help facilitate the repair of LG refrigerators using the latest generation of newly engineered and improved linear compressors. We have developed a program which enables our company to help get your device up and running the same day we come out. Please call Jack at 817-266-5155 for more details.

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LG and Kenmore Elite's new linear compressors need special care or sealed system problems may arise. Be sure to service the back vents and condenser at least once a year. If you are already experiencing problems with cooling please call us immediately. We are experts in LG refrigerator care and service. 

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