We make it easy to schedule a repair.

     The simplest way to schedule is to phone OR text Jack 817-266-5155 to ask questions or schedule an appointment at any time. If it is after hours we may answer anyway but if not please text or leave a voice mail and we will contact you as soon as we are able. 

     What we strive to do is, not only to come to your home quickly to diagnose the problem and give you a quote to repair your device, but also to make the repairs at that time. That enables you to deal with the inconvenience of the appliance malfunction all at once so that you may get back to the really important stuff like your family and work.


     To help facilitate this we initially ask a few questions about your device which will enable us to meet our objective. Primarily we need the model number of your appliance and a brief description of the problem.


Examples of what you may want to tell us are:


🐧  It's not cooling properly in the refrigerator cabinet.

🐧 LG or Kenmore Elite refrigerator sounds and acts perfectly normal but ice maker quit then it does         not freeze or is cooling very little or not at all.


🐧  The food in the freezer is defrosting.

🐧  It's not cooling at all.  


🐧  The dispenser doesn't dispense ice and / or water.


🐧  It's not producing ice.


🐧  Water is leaking inside refrigerator or on the floor. 


🐧  There's a unusual noise coming from my fridge that stops/doesn't stop when I open the door.


🐧  It's not making the usual sounds which I associate with normal operation.

🐧  Doesn't feel cold enough but you're not sure.


     By letting us know some information about your problem ahead of time we can make sure we come to the scheduled appointment with all of the parts and materials we may need to get the job done ASAP. However, please do not hesitate to contact us even if you do not have all of the information handy. Below is a short form you may fill out and send to us that will help us to speak intelligently about the services you may need and to ensure that we are able to deliver a satisfactory repair experience for you. Also you may text or phone us with the information to my mobile number 817-266-5155. Texting a pic of the data label inside the refrigerator cabinet is perfect for us. Everything the technician needs to know is on the data label. Also feel free to ask any questions or schedule an appointment.

Please give us some information in the boxes below. Under "day and time to come out" you can put ASAP or what ever works for you. We will get with you to schedule a service call which is convenient to you. Many thanks for stopping by our website today.

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Monday thru Friday: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM 

Saturday & Sunday: Closed