We have decided to suspend repair service on Samsung refrigerators and ice makers. It was a hard decision to make because it leaves many people without a viable solution to getting these units repaired. We were one of the last companies still working on Samsung refrigerators and ice makers. The problem is that these units are so poorly engineered and made with such inferior materials that, even after replacing all of the wear and tear parts with new, and performing all of the services to correct the malfunction, the product has about a 30% chance of failing again within a year and a 50% chance of failing in the next 3 to 4 years. This is unacceptable to our customers and to us. There are several class action lawsuits against Samsung involving the ice makers and the cooling of the refrigerator cavity. Samsung has no cure because the problem is in the design and can't be altered enough to make reliable repairs. We have worked on thousands of Samsung refrigerators over the years and see the same problems over and over. Samsung has never bothered to correct these design flaws even though they have known about them for more than 7 years. We are truly distressed at not being able to help the folks who got taken in by this product but we can no longer devote our resources to a futile attempt to fix what can't be properly repaired. Our recommendation is to replace the unit with any brand except a Samsung. 



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